We categorize all used Apple devices from MobileGear by condition. So you know exactly what you're getting into when you buy.

Think of our entry service as a strict sieve. We thoroughly test and clean each piece of equipment and assign a label based on its actual condition. Cosmetic imperfections determine the downgrading. That's why we try to make a video for every product with a VERY GOOD and FAIR designation.          

But you won't find video in the higher classes. These devices look like new. Any cosmetic defects are almost unnoticeable, so you wouldn't be able to tell much on video. Products in the EXCELLENT class and above are simply a safe bet.

New New devices with 12-24 months warranty

Looking for a new iPhone or other Apple product at a great price? Items in this class have never been used and probably never been activated.

If you choose standard new goods from us, you get a standard 2-year warranty. However, we also offer new items from Apple returns that are missing their original packaging. Such devices boast an official one-year Apple warranty. You can always find information about the length of the warranty in the product description.

The warranty period is shortened because it is a sale under a special regime. If you're interested in the details of the special scheme for second-hand dealers, it's paragraf 90 zákona o DPH.

How is it possible, you ask, that we sell new Apple stuff at such a bargain? We just know where to find the best deals. Occasionally, someone misses out on a replacement iPhone from an acknowledged claim. Or returns the item within the 14-day period without trying it out. Read the description of the product in question to find out exactly what's included.

Rozbaleno Unpacked devices only

A new Apple product and such a low price? Just because someone else unboxed it and returned it? Oh, yeah. Check out the unboxing class and enjoy the bargain.

The original owner used the device only minimally or not at all. Therefore, it has 100% battery capacity and maybe even a protective film from the factory. For the UNPACKED class, the original box and accessories are often included. Read the description of the specific product to get all the details.

Like new Used devices in perfect condition

Looking for the highest quality at the best price? The LIKE NEW class will meet your high demands without blowing your wallet. Apple electronics in 100% condition are also perfect as a gift. It shows no signs of use.

If it's a refurbished device, you'll find the information in the note.

Excellent Used devices with minimal deficiencies

And when we say the flaws are minimal, we mean that you won't even notice them at first glance. You have to really look closely and closely to see any signs of use. It's just aesthetic stuff. The technical condition is always perfect.

We do not make separate videos of products in this class. If you want to get a glimpse of what a phone in the EXCELLENT class normally looks like, click through to the sample video.

Very good Used devices with slight deficiencies

A happy medium when you're deciding between looks and price. That's the best way to describe a product with the VERY GOOD label. You may find a few minor flaws and one or two major blemishes.

If light signs of use don't bother you, so much the better for you. You get an Apple product at a really nice price.

Good Used devices with significant aesthetic flaws, but in perfect technical condition

Just for you if you want Apple quality and don't care about scratches. Any defects are cosmetic. So you don't have to worry about any functional damage. Your new Apple buddy may have a few major scratches, dings, scuffs and scrapes, but it will never let you down.

Plus, if you get something to put on your used iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product (read case or tempered glass), it will be almost indistinguishable from higher-end devices.