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If your phone is under warranty, the repair as part of the claim. But your Apple device will probably keep you company long after the warranty period. What should I do if my iPhone falls out of my pocket and the screen breaks? Or your phone goes on strike and won't even turn on? You can take advantage of MobileGear's post-warranty service.


You definitely won't find cheap Chinese spare parts here. We use only OEM spare parts comparable in quality to the original. We can repair your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, or Airpods. Do you have a question? Write, call or stop by the shop in person.


Don't forget, we have a bonus for you. A 10% discount on all repairs for loyal customers who buy a mobile phone or other Apple device from us.


And finally, one more tip. You can send us your defective device via a return code from the Zásilkovna.  Postage will be FREE and sending it through any branch of Zásilkovna is guaranteed to be faster than sending it by post.


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For our customers we offer a 10% discount on all repairs.